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Working Remotely


A discussion covering the pros and cons of being a remote worker (mostly in the software industry)

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Financial Services


What is the future of financial services and what should we expect in the future.

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Apache NetBeans 9 status


The status of NetBeans was discussed after it was migrated to Apache.

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Java Desktop Applications 


1. State of Java Desktop UI Toolkits and Frameworks and cross-platform application compatibility. 2. Changes coming to JavaFX and implications of JavaFX being removed from default JRE distribution in future. 

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Using Graal with JDK 10


This session shows people how easy it is to use Graal in JDK 10.

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Data Privacy and GDPR


Discussion around data privacy and GDPR. What the new regulation means for the user and for big organisations, and whether it's currently enough or we want to see more happening.

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Deploying and running apps in PROD: Kubernetes and others


Sharing experiences on running applications in Kubernetes in production: success stories, problems, challenges, lessons learned, best practices.

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Technical Interviews


Technical interviews are a labour-intensive part of the process of hiring skilled developers.  What’s the best way to conduct a coding interview? How important are they? Are there other/better ways of accessing coding competency?

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RUST Language (Session 11)


RUST Language

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Developing with Purpose and Human Interaction Protocol - Kon Soulianidis and Kees Jan Koster (Session 10)


An API for dealing with your coworkers / Integrating Systems thinking with Lean or Agile techniques

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