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Software Engineering

Design Patterns - Should We Study Them?


The book Design Patterns - also called GoF - was published over 20 years ago. In this discussion we talk about whether patterns have a place in modern Java development and also how you should go about learning them.

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API Management


◦ We have been building API based software for years, but the work of managing those APIs is still a big challenge. Moreover now we are leaving in a word where the Cloud-native architectures are currently on everyone's lips. and of course cloud-native wi

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Cloud JVMs (Substrate and heterogeneous hardware acceleration)


In this session, we discussed advances on cloud deployed JVMs with respect to hardware acceleration (GPUs, FPGAs) and lightweight AOT deployments.

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Annotation Driven Development - Asaf Mesika (Session 7)


Development which heavily relies on annotations can be like black magic. Let's discuss the pros/cons.

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